Atlantic Region – Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Awards Recipients

2016 Award Recipients

2016 Education Innovation Awards

Krista King & Dr. Caroline Porr (MUN)

Using standardized Patients to develop end of life therapeutic communication skills

Denise Miller & Glenda Manning (CNS)

More than meets the Eye: Understanding the client, not just seeing the behaviour (A Clinical Simualtion Activity for Mental Health Nursing Students)

2016 Research Awards

Adele LeBlanc & Melanie Deveau (Dalhousie, Yarmouth site)

Nursing Students Perceptions of the Influence of their BScN Program on Mental Well Being

April Manuel & Julia Lukewich (Memorial University Newfoundland)

Performing a Comphrensive Review to Define New Indicators of NCLEX-RN success.

2015 Award Recipients

Educational Awards

Kelly Power – Kean (CNS)

A pedagogical tool using a cell phone application of clicker technology.

Suzanne Harrison (UNB – Moncton)

Translation & validation of a tool to enhance student writing.

Research Awards

Kathryn Weaver & Donna Bulman, UNB

Toward a Culture of Reflective Practice in Student Clinical Placements

JoAnne MacDonald St FXU

Evaluating Clinical Practice Guideline Integration in Professional Health-Care Curriculum: A Scoping Review of Quality Indicators

2014 Award Recipients

Educational Awards

Mary Lou Batty, Faculty of Nursing, University of New Brunswick

Using Health Pies to Teach Nursing Students about Social Justice and More.

Andrea Chircop PhD, RN, Adele Vukic PhD (c) RN, Norma Murphy PhD(c) RN, Deborah Tamlyn PhD RN. School of Nursing, Dalhousie


Connecting the Dots (case study development).

Research Awards

Robert Meadus PhD, RN; J Creina Twomey PhD, RN; Wanda Emberley Burke, Med, PCNP, RN & Kelly Power-Kean MHS, NP-PHC, RN

Patient Satisfaction With Nurse Practitioner Care In Newfoundland And Labrador.

Lisa Keeping Burke PhD RN; Tracy Carr PhD, RN; Dianne McCormack PhD, RN; Linda Hansen BA, MLS

The Experiences Of Indigenous People In Health Care Encounters In Western Settings And Contexts: A Systematic Review Of Qualitative Evidence.


2013 Award Recipients

Educational Awards

Lisa Garland Baird (UPEI)

Funds will support and facilitate the development of educational expertise in the area of qualitative research and mixed method research design.

JoAnne MacDonald, Diane Duff, and Michelle MacNeil (StFXU)

Funds will help evaluate the use of iPad as a nursing lab resource tool for learning and evaluating level 2 nursing skills.

Research Awards

Linda Yetman & Rose McCloskey (University of New Brunswick)

The impact of a clinical practice experience on student nurses’ knowledge and attitudes towards older adults

Marion Alex & Joanne Whitty-Rogers (St. FX University) and Nadene Schwartzentruber Brunk (Midwives for Haiti, Virginia USA, & Hinche Haiti)

Experiences of pregnancy complications: Voices from rural Haiti.


2012 Award Recipients

Educational Awards

Loretta Secco, Donna Bulman, Kathy Wilson, and Kelly Day (UNB – Fredericton).

“A Faculty Development Pilot to Implement Virtual Clinical Excursion in a Maternity Clinical Course”

Willena Nemeth, Debbie Brennick, Claudette Taylor (CBU – Sydney)

“An Exploration into the Challenges of a Computerized RN Exam on Nursing Education Evaluation Methods: A Change From Traditional to Technical”

Research Awards

Krista Wilkins (University of New Brunswick)

“Nursing students use photographs to capture the self in caring relationships”

Megan Aston (Dalhousie University)

Canadian-Tanzanian Partnership: Exploring the strengths and challenges of maternal-child health in Tanzania.”


2011 Award Recipients

Educational Awards

Peggy Colbourne and Erica Hurley: Western Regional School of Nursing, Corner Brook, NL.

“Developing and Integrating Simulated Clinical Learning (SCL) Using High Fidelity Manikins into Undergraduate Pediatric Nursing Curricula.”

Dr. Suzanne Harrison and Dr. Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard: University of Moncton, Moncton, New Brunswick.

“S.I.M.P.L.E.: Making an Innovative Mediatized Tool Even Better.”

Research Awards

Cynthia Brown: Memorial University. St. John’s, NL

“Assessing the impact of a high-fidelity simulated interprofessional clinical experience on the attitudes, collaboration and teamwork of health sciences students: A pilot study.”

Kathryn Weaver: University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.

“Health professional’s perspectives of eating disorders across Atlantic Canada.”


Award Recipients 2010

Educational Awards

Doreen Westera (MUN)

To Develop a Toolkit to enable Nursing Faculty to Integrate the Spiritual Dimension of Nursing Practice into Curriculum in Nursing Programs.

Glenda Cunning & Peggy Colbourne (WRSN)

To disseminate their work on developing A Virtual Clinical Excursion for pediatric clinical experiences.

Research Awards

Vicki Earle (CNS) Title of project: The Preceptorship Experience in the Intergenerational Context

Shelley Doucet (UNB) Title of project: Postpartum Psychosis: Support Needs of Mothers and Fathers.


Award Recipients 2009

Educational Awards

K. Barrington RN, M Ed- CNS

“Letter Writing in Nurse Education : Writing as means for students to apply therapeutic communication techniques, demonstrate competence and express caring”

E. McGibbon RN, PhD & P. Didham, RN, MAdEd – St. FXU & WRSON

“Integrating Cultural Competence into Undergraduate Nursing Curricula: Principles, Strategies, and Tools. “

Research Awards

J. C Twomey RN, PhD (c) & R. Meadus RN, PhD – MUN

“Men in Nursing: The Atlantic Canadian Perspective”